Hello! We are “Projector” Studio

  • We build brands
  • We publish magazines
  • We create advertising
  • We construct sites

01 Branding and identity

The Studio is interested in building new strong brands at consumer and B2B market. We gladly take up earthworks from the research on competitive activity and brand platform design to developing corporate identity and rebranding programmes. Designing simply a logo for your business isn’t a problem either.

02 Multipage publications

We publish our own magazine and help clients issue periodicals. We have designed newspapers, magazines, books, albums, catalogues, leaflets. We can help to set up your own title by developing conception and paste-up, recruiting fellow editors, assisting with a printing office and distribution.

03 Advertising and promotion

We can estimate your target audience, research on your rivals’ competitive activity, develop advertising strategy, invent a catchy slogan and create layout sheets for press, outdoor advertising and the Internet, film or animate a video. Media planning might remain the business of your publicity department (it they’re better at this than we are, of course).

04 Graphic design

A theatre poster or a joy postcard, book illustration or a system of navigation in n-dimensional space, a showcase or a packet - to cut a long story short, everything printed on paper, carved of a plastic sheet, or applied onto a solid surface.

05 Creating sites

The Studio has amassed vast experience in site development and, particularly, complex projects of e-Media development. We can make sites of complex structures including thousands of pages supposed to be daily updated. Our customers are state museums and institutions of culture, construction and telecommunication companies, private individuals and small businesses.

06 Interior design and architecture

We can carry out the design of a detached house or a flat, an office or a restaurant, a fitness centre or a museum. During the project realization the construction works are supervised by the author. Our experience also allows us develop countryside real estate projects and multistory housing constructions.

07 Events and special projects

We are experienced in organizing and conducting workshops, exhibitions, contests, academic programs in design, photography and visual arts. The Studio has also launched numerous media projects from their conception to distribution (printed media) and promotion on social networks (Internet projects).

The studio in figures

A bit of statistics

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Here you can see our favourite projects. The section is constantly refilled both with old works and antique out-of-the archive ones.

This is us!

The proud, the few. The key point is we’re highly efficient!

Vanity corner

Of course, the authors are pleased when their works have a good send-off with the public. We do have what to be proud of.

Exhibitions and awards

Our projects have participated in certified exhibitions since 1996. Many projects have been included into shortlists and won such contests as «Sign», «Goldblokh»Gold flea? Zolotaya blokha?, «TAMGA», «Modulor», «Top100 of Russian Design» etc. Our experts regularly join the panel of
judges at significant exhibitions and festivals of art and design. In 2003 Mitya Kharshak on the creative team was awarded with the prize of the Union of Journalists of Russia for the work on the magazine «Saint-Petersburg addresses».

Museums and collections

Our works are kept in the collections of Russian National Library, the Museum of Political History of Russia, Vladimir Nabokov Museum, the State Museum «Tsarscoselskaya collection», as well as belong to Russian and foreign collectors. In 2012 the project «Scaffolded city» by Mitya Kharshak participated in the official programme of Artnight Festival in Saint-Petersburg. In 2014 it was shown in Manchester, London and Dublin in terms of Russian-British year of culture.

Educational activities

We regularly give lectures and workshops and take part in defences of graduation works. We collaborate with Saint-Petersburg State University, Saint-Petersburg Art and Industry Academy, British Higher School of Art and Design, Saint-Petersburg State University of Technology and Design, Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry, Tyumen Academy of Architecture and Design.


Here is the list of seven mainstray services we provide. However, this is far not the entire story.

Do you want to commission a project?

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