Project description

In 2001, in terms of preparing a special issue of Projector, devoted to Dutch design, I brought Dutch graphic designers to Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and organized their performances. Hans arrived in June 2011, although he’d been supposed to come in April in order to speak at the presentation of my Dutch issues and get to the celebration of Queen’s Day. But, despite the fact that the tickets had already been bought and the lectures of Hans had been planned in the Art Institute in Moscow and «Levels» in Saint-Petersburg, he didn’t manage to come. The project changed the dates and the venue of the Moscow Lecture — the Stroganov Academy was deleted, and the presentationwas held in the Garage.

At first, I had an idea to encourage the guests make posters and showbills themselves, but this idea failed either as Hans was away and couldn’t make the drafts quickly. He just sent me the topic of his speech: Failure is an option. How can I translate this? Something like: «The errors hide opportunities» or «Beauty in an accident»,something in between these two options, perhaps. So I had to make the poster and showbill for Hans. In fact, it is not the easiest idea to make a poster for the performance of another graphic designer. But then life itself and the title of his lecture gave me a hint. «Failure is an option» — and everything in the organization process went haywire. So, I’d create all the visual case around this issue! At first, I simply printed the text ads of his planned, but cancelled visit in April, and then glued on top of them orange tape paper with updated information — a new date, a new place in Moscow. Moreover, Hans sent his text twice — he’d rejected the first variant and sent a new one. The venture with such a solution of Failure is an option turned up itself, as his cancelled arrival coincided with his lecture subject. The color scheme is also not accidental. Orange is the national color of the Netherlands, and blue electrical tape matches the color of the logo of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. Hans was satisfied.

Designer and project curator: Mitya Kharshak

Project details

  • Заказчик

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, 2011

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