Project description

The purpose and intent of the Kunstkamera rebrending suppose the development of a new active visual language in order to assert the museum as a contemporary academic research institution with rich history and a unique abundant collection. The new language is also aimed to provide an attractive image of the museum for new target audience.

The earlier logo of the Kunstkamera demonstrated a stylised image of the main facade of the museum facing the Neva river embankment. This undoubtedly recognizable silhouette is one of the most famous architectural images of Saint-Petersburg, that’s why it made sense to preserve it on the new logo. However, the brand meaning and stylistics had to be changed cardinally.

The new image of the Kunstkamera involves bright open colors in advertising and information media, and modern solutions in type job. As transparency in graphic solutions is the main semantic and visual method of developing advertising and information media, the logo’s forming element is a color bar, which frames the silhouette of the museum and the bilingual logo itself. Creating a draft of the logo, we made the type and museum silhouette transparent, showing the deeper layer of the image behind. Not only visually attractive is the method but it also conveys the idea of museum activity: having the same logo, each media object will contain something different.

The project developed by: Mitya Kharshak, Artyom Rulev, Yaroslav Ivanov.

Project details

  • Заказчик

    Peter the Great's Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) of Russian Academy of Sciences, 2015

  • Что делали:

    • Identity
    • Branding
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Kunstkamera brandbook

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