Project description

In 2013 Sergei Serov called the designers to commemorate the 120th anniversary of Vladimir Mayakovskiy with a poster campaign. I designed a poster, too. Moreover, in collaboration with the New Museum of Aslan Chekhoev (Aslan, thanks a lot!) we organized the exhibition, which was held in Saint-Petersburg in September 2013. Also, with the support of the printing house «PremiumPress», the exhibition catalogue was published. Together with Mikhail Karasik we developed a biblio-object based on the books by Vladimir Mayakovsky and El Lissitzky «For voice». In 2014 the poster by us was included into the collection of the Museum of Russian Political History. The publication on the project can be found in the Projector magazine №3 (24).

The masters of Russian poster design represented the country in the poster campaign: Peter Bankov, Yuri Gulitov, Igor Gurovich, Andrey Logvin, Boris Trofimov, the Faldins, Vladimir Chaika, Mitya Kharshak, Nikolay Shtok, and yet less known, younger authors: Dmitry Zakharov, Anna Kulachek, Stefan Lasko, Dmitry Wrekin and Ivan Yakushev . As part of the design «world team» — Majid Abbasi (Iran), Oleg Veklenko (Ukraine), Radovan Yankey (Slovenia), Marco Kekishev (Estonia), Alan Le Kernec (France), Uwe Loesch (Germany), Andrey Lewis (Canada) Lech Majewski (Poland), Dan Reisinger (Israel), Kari Piippo (Finland), Phil Risbeck (USA), Olga Severina (USA), Leonardo Sonnoli (Italy) and Niklaus Troxler (Switzerland). Logo actions were developed by the young Russian designer Fedor Ro.

Project developed by: Mitya Kharshak, Michail Karasik.

Project details

  • Заказчик

    International poster campaign, 2013

  • Что делали:

    • Posters
    • Exhibition
    • PR and SMM
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