Project description

A unique publication was prepared by two authors — the designers and teachers of «Mukha» Svetlana Mirzoyan and Sergey Helmyanov. And our studio did the layout and prepared the publication for printing. This is a massive research — more than four hundred pages of unique archival materials on industrial design. In 2011, the book was included into TOP-100 of Russian design.

And that’s what the autors write about our School: «This book is the first full-bodied edition, telling the story of foundation and development of Saint- Petersburg School of Design, the school in the broadest sense of the word: an educational institution, an ideology, a tradition, and of course a community of extremely interesting people. The unique consolidation of a place, building, ideology, personality.

Th revolution, civil war, nationalization, and eventually eradication of the School. Destroyed funds, ravaged museum and two long decades of neglect. The Great Patriotic War, the siege of Leningrad, artillery shelling, and, paradoxically, the revival of school at the very moment. And all this by the people, and sometimes even at the cost of their lives.

Most of the book is based on the documents from the personal archive of I.A.Vaks — the first headmaster of the newly reconstructed school. This book is the first one to tell in detail about the history of the revival of Baron Stieglitz School at a new historical curve, the revival out of ruins both literally and in the figurative sense of the word. The book has a collection of the rarest photos and documents, based on archive materials and direct participants’ memories of the most interesting historical events».

Read more information on the issue on its website, where you can purchase it as well. Svetlana Mirzoyan and Sergey Helmyanov were guests of the live broadcast of our television program. You can watch it in tape delay.

Authors of the book: Svetlana Mirzoyan, Sergei Helmyanov.

Project developed by: Mitya Kharshak, Yaroslav Ivanov, Danila Serov

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  • Заказчик

    Publisher: Artur Lazaryan, 2010—2011

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