Project description

The logo for the project of the company Form Ost (Germany). The company purchased an old Czech cargo ship called Praha, bought a moorage place in the port of Hamburg and was going to restore the watercraft of 70 meters long to meet the needs of a cultural and exhibition center. Hence a doubling of the «H» in the title (PraHA + HAmburg) and a paper boat as the ship symbol of art.

We came up with an interesting point for the business cards. In the «resting position» they were simply A5 leaflets printed with the logo and the contact information. But at meetings and negotiations the project manager took this card out and a minute later convered it into a paper boat. Memorability, sympathy and good humor were guaranteed!

Designer: Mitya Kharshak

Project details

  • Заказчик

    Form Ost. 2009 год

  • Что делали:

    • Logo
    • Identity
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