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Weeks fly at a burst speed — Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday. Next spread, at the description of our events, read more why we have such a strange weekochronology. Against the background of a small-caliber week burst, one after another there are large shells of Projector’s issues. It’s already the press time of the final issue’09. We seem to have just done the previous striped number and, here do we go — next issue is due. Heading for the Christmas tree, champagne, gifts, tangerines! Cheering up with the pre-holiday mood. Next thing you know, will be the incredible 20-10 on the calendar.

My friends, dear readers and admirers, wishin’ you all the best in this new tenth! I am so optimistic about the coming year that I’ve even decided to stop our crisis column (see s.48-49.) with this issue — I believe that it’s no longer useful. I wish you all the happiness and pleasures of all kinds — personal and professional! Let us love, drink, work and have fun! Let us rejoice, while we are young!

    Projector № 4(9) 2009

    Projector number nine has been issued. As the process still hasn’t become a routine, the editorial board see each output as a miracle. As if the magazine is formed out of chaos by itself, without our intervention.Wonders will never cease!

    Projector has been lucky in having a strong start! The magazine offers the interview with Massimo Vignelli, which he gave to the senior editor of the magazine Mitya Kharshak and the chief editor of the portal design-union.ru Alexander Linz: «Since the very beginning of my career, I’ve deliberately stayed away from fashionable trends in design and sought eternal values. So, looking back, I can hardly see what I could improve in the works now. If they seemed good to me at the time, I’m also happy with them now. And vice versa». (Massimo Vignelli especially for Projector).


    In continuation of the project «Personification» here’s the of the posters by Igor Gurovich, and his words about the work. This publication quotes Sergey Serov, who said about Gurovich: «In his speeches, interviews, workshops Guron usually cultivates the image of a turretless «idle reveler», who doesn’t spend over a quarter of an hour on the poster. Workers and students are being cheated! Guron is a workaholic, I witness that. Ten years ago, we worked together on the issue of Guild of Designers. Its easy, clear layout, created as if in one breath, was actually the result of a hard, careful, slow and painful work. Only Chaika’s responsibility, seriousness and meticulousness could be compared to Guron’s» Here’s what Igor says: «I think that we can be thrown out of a plane over the enemy territory. We have, in fact, been thrown out by life … Moscow in 1988 was an absolutely hostile area, but we survived. And, unfortunately, many god-like guys who taught us did not. The generation that introduced us to the profession was very tragic …»


    Olga and Alexander Florensky show the project Maps in their author’s column «Russian Design». This section is not subject to the senior editor, but even if he had full control over the publication, he’d not correct anything at all!


    Project №3 «Letterng» is entirely devoted to the type 21 cents by Yuri Gordon. In the introduction to his article, the senior editor writes: «In the previous issue we started to publish an epic tale of Yuri Gordon about his work on the type 21 cents. The text sent by Yuri seemed endless, but it was impossible to cut something with the ruthless editorial’s — each sentence of the solid like a wall text clung to the previous one and cast a bridge to the next piece of text. Reducing a seemingly inessential text fragment made a significant hole in the story, so I gave up this editorial venture and decided to publish the story with minimal cuts. This issue has the second part of the article. The following one will be the last. And the completion of the publication, stretched in time to six months, according to our idea, should coincide with the end of the work on the type 21 cents. If Yuri succeeds, it will be such a beautiful story».


    The project number 4 «Subject» finishes the series of publications on the book 300 useful tips. In this issue you can read the latest anti-crisis recommendations for young parents — for example, how to make a small high chair for the baby out of an adult one.


    And further on, we solve the mystery of the origin of the masks which Mitya Kharshak has been wearing for past three photos for the editor’s column. This is Andrey Lublinsky’s idea called Good / Bad. The publication features almost all currently existing characters of this long-running project.


    And, of course, no issue without the story about legendary twentieth century objects from the collection of brilliant Vitra. This time, together with all mankind, Projector celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of Panton chair. A nice half-century anniversary of the heavenly beautiful object!


    The project №5 «Environment» is retrospective in «projector’s way», despite one of the publications which is called House of the Future. We are talking about the futuristic house project implemented in 1957, when everybody turned to space and new achievements in materials and shaping. The photos of the house even now still look like fantastic scenery decorations of Hollywood films. It’s especially interesting to compare the aesthetics of American ideas about the future of the mid-fifties with the projects of hardscaping of the same time, but coming from the USSR.


    The second publication of the «Environment» project is the album of hardscapes, designed in Leningrad in 1954 by the masters of architecture and design — Iosif Vaks and Leonid Katonin.


    Project № 7 «Photography» is inspired by Bach and Durer photos by Vlad, a photographer from Berlin. Just Vlad, without a surname. The duration of shooting and provocative photos at some point forced Vlad to stop inviting models (these oriinally had been his friends) completely. That’s why many images feature the author. Also, a new section has been launched in this issue- a joint project of the magazine and the photo gallery Stachka, which, as we know, is headed by the respected member of Projector’s editorial board Yuri Molodkovets. To begin with, Stachka presented the photo project Different people by Alexander Petrosyan.


    In terms of the project «School» Sergey Helmyanov, our constant author, the expert and active mover of the educational process on industrial design tells about quite a curious project of the sudents of the industrial design department at «Mukha»: «Legs of a mosquito are the spokes from an old umbrella. Where to get them? At the flea market, to buy from a pack rat. That will bring joy for the sellers and use for design. Joints — that’s what you need, excellent construct! By th way, about the flea market and the flea … Flea legs can be seen in worn out automotive wipers and a head — in the old manual razor. And the old office pegs — it’s just a godsend! Waste of the civilization? Construction material!»


    The bibliophile project №9 «Books» offers a traditional column of Mikhail Karasik’s on book history of the 1920-30s. This time, the publication of Kinker of the verse about the «constructive» typeset. As the examples, the books by El Lissitzky and Telingater were taken.


    And in next publication the senior editor Mitja Kharshak declares his love for the wonderful magazine [kAk) and its chief editor Piotr Bankov. All 56 covers of [kAk) have been published in Projector. And do not be surprised that the magazine is put among the books. As for the memory trace [kAk) gives off, it’s not less than a book! «Oh, how I envied and admired the authors of the magazine — inventors and entertainers in every way, the masters and magicians! I envied kindly, recognizing in them the Titans, who highlighted the way to the profession for me, with their furious enthusiasm. And I was a little sad inside of me, ubderstanding that never ever would I experience the flight granted to them — gods, dashingly riding a bird of happiness and producing for everybody’s joy the best design magazine! But life turned well-else, and now I have Projector — my own playground. As for [kAk), it’s still my role model in life, profession and attitude to the profession. And in the highest sense of what I’m saying, of course, I consider Piotr Bankov my big brother. This publication is my declaration of love and a tribute to Piotr and all the dazzling [kAk)-team. Guys, I love you and admire you!» (Mitya Kharshak about the magazine [kAk))


    Next, the partner of the magazine — the information and bookselling company IndeksMarket presents four books from their endless bookshelves. Projector has chosen a dazzling book for more detailed recommendations: «It has everuthing — letters cut out of paper, bent out of iron, luminous compositions of neon tubes, playing in space and eye trompe l’oeil — a kind of font trompe l’oeil. Pseudo-three-dimensiousness, jumping out of the sheet of paper, and three-dimensional compositions enclosed in a plane — all sorts of pleasure of a designer, who has been given complete freedom to work with the letters and make them out of any available material. The vast majority of the shown works are a variety of games with the volume, the materiality of the letters themselves and the surrounding area. There is even an alphabet, assembled of raw minced meat and wrapped into plastic as it is on supermarket shelves. Eat me — these are letters in Wonderland» (Mitya Karshak about the book Type addicted)


    Projector № 4(9) 2009

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