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In May-June 2015 the School of Visual Arts in collaboration with the New Museum and the magazine Projector presented the exhibition Underground Images. The posters by the School of Visual Arts in the subway of New York from 1947 to nowadays. The exhibition occupied the place of honor in the program of the Fifth Saint-Petersburg Design Week. Over fifty posters out of a countless number made by SVA for New York subway were shown at the New Museum’s venue.

In the mid-1950s SVA became one of the first academic schools of the USA to realize that new strategies were needed to attract students, so they placed the posters in the subway of New York. These were the wokrs by such legendary designers of the time as Ivan Chermayeff, Milton Glaser and George Tcherny. They all taught at the School, and their works expressed what being an artist is like, demonstrated author’s visual statements, attracted attention and made the public wonder. Both the School and the posters were inseparable from the city and encouraged creative process.

All the 29 artists, whose works were displayed at the exhibition within the project Underground Images are currently teaching at the School or used to do it: Gale Anderson, Marshall Arisman, Gene Cates, Ivan Chermayeff, Paul Davis, Sal DeVito, Louise Fili, Audrey Flack, Nathan Fox, Bob Gill, Robert Giusti, Milton Glaser (the author of the famous logo “I Love NY‘), Phil Keays, Steven Heller, Mirko Ilic, Viktor Koen, Stephen Kroninger, Marvin Mattelson, Clay Patrick McBride, James McMullan, Jerry Moriarty, Tony Palladino, Stefan Sagmeister, David Sandlin, Paula Scher, Eve Sonneman, George Tcherny, James Victore and Robert Weaver.

Also, two public talks by Mirko Ilic were held, as well as a special issue of Projector was published in terms of the project.

Project curator and designer: Mitya Kharshak. Photography: Mikhail Grigoryev.

PR and SMM: SarafanPR

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