Project description.

In 2014 Sergey Serov gave off a war-cry among designers calling them to organize a poster campaign in order to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Ilia Zdanevich, also known as Iliazd. I also designed a poster based on one of quotations from Iliazd, which was published in Projector №2(27). In the campaign also participated: Piotr Bankov, Marianna Oboeva, Stefan Lyashko, Maria Yudina, Evgeniy Dobrovinskiy, Vanya Zvezdoliot, Kirill Zlatkov, Alexxandr Alexandrov, Yulian Lebedev, Mitya Kharshak, Dmitriy Rekin, Aliya Dyakova, Erken Kaganov, Yuriy Toreev, Alexandra Kuznetsova.

Designer: Mitya Kharshak

Project details

  • Заказчик

    International poster campaign. 2014

  • Что делали:

    • Posters
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